Paul Copeland

[Nationality] United States of America
[Current Residence] North Vancouver, BC Canada
[Email] contact@paul-copeland.com


My career in computer graphics started in 1999 after going to college and receiving a degree in Multimedia Technology Graphics and Animation. I started a company in Colorado with a friend doing graphic design, web design, video and animation. For five years we worked on a variety of projects that broadened my skill set.

My desire to work in visual effects led me back to school in 2004 to attend Vancouver Film School. With these new skills I began working as a 3D artist for The Embassy VFX where I have worked since 2005 on a number of projects including commercials, television shows, game cinematics and feature films.

I currently live in North Vancouver, BC with my wife Tocha and our daughter Mia. We love to get outside as much as possible to enjoy the mountains. My other creative interests include drawing and music.